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Isogai-Dynamic Therapy

With a history over a half century, Isogai-Dynamic Therapy succeeds in 15 million cases.

There are a lot of urbanized diseases, one of which is ache coming from head, neck, shoulder, back, lower back, sciatic nerve, hands, feet and knee joints. This is a syndrome which western therapy is unable to deal with. Most patients apply negative treatments against pains, such as taking anodyne and doing some massage. These treatments share the same feature, that is, dealing with a long-time problem through temporary ways. As a result, patients live on these treatments in a long time.

Homeopathic researches find out that 80% of pain syndromes are caused by life habits, including lack of sports, nervous, unbalanced sitting posture, not corrected spinal column, cranial subluxation. These causes have direct association with bone structure and sports dynamics. In fact, there is one skeleton bearing most of our weight, no matter standing up or sitting down. That is sciatic joint. What is more, it is the key to health!

With a history over a half century, originated from Japan and created by Dr. Keishu Isogai, Isogai-Dynamic Therapy has more than 150 successful million cases till now. To keep bone healthy by correcting unbalanced sciatic joint is theory of the treatment.

In Isogai's theory, human being is standing and walking with two feet. Feet with different lengths cause sciatic joint bear unequal strength and lead to pelvis subluxation and spinal malformation. Spinal malformation presses on the spinal nerve, causing painful and uncomfortable feelings. Mr. Isogai thinks many diseases are resulted from sciatic subluxation, thus he creates a set of treatment for correcting and balancing sciatic joint. Feet with different lengths and spinal malformation are also corrected.

Treatment is quite easy. The patients must lie on their back. The therapist puts the feet together and ties with cords. Then he pushes the knee downwards and close to the chest. In this way, the sciatic joint can gradually recover. Additionally, the therapist teaches the patient to do knee extending movement and daily sports to improve the ability of muscle and gain the best balance.

In these 50 years, Isogai-Dynamic Therapy has marked effect against not only pains, but also internal syndromes, such as gastric ulcer, constipation, diarrhea, nocturia, asthma, deltoid atrophy, blood pressure, insomnia, neurasthenic, cold syndrome, dysmenorrheal, sterility, menopause. The above syndromes are resulted from clog of central nerve. The Isogai-Dynamic Therapy deals with the root of the problem, thus it can work without any medicine. This is the fortune of most citizens.
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